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Crystals don’t just look beautiful, and therefore create beautiful pieces to keep on display in your home. They can enhance the vibes within your home helping to keep positive energies flowing, transform your space into your own sanctuary, and being around them, you can activate your best potential in yourself. I mean, what’s not to love?!!! You don’t need a huge collection, just a few selected stones placed in the appropriate areas and you’ll be high vibing from all that energy in next to no time.

Firstly, for anyone who is a beginner to the world of crystals, when buying them, what I would say, is to select stones that you feel drawn to, as opposed to choosing ones purely because you have looked up their meanings, and feel you should have it because a book told you. When I buy mine, I also like to really spend time holding them, I roll them around in my palm, and guaranteed the ones that I will end up with, I will have felt a huge rush of energy when I picked them up.

Once you’ve got your stones home, there are a few small rituals you can do to cleanse your crystals and tune them in to you and your energy. You can also set them with any intentions you may have for them. Some of my favourite simple ways of cleansing them are using the smoke from sacred dried herbs, such as sage or palo santo, to flow over your stones to neutralise any energy already stored within them. Hold them under running water and visualise the water washing away old energy. Another super easy way to this, as well, is to hold your stone in your left hand, close your eyes, sit quietly, and begin to visualise a bright, white light flooding through your body from your head (your crown chakra), down through your whole body and into your crystal, cleansing away old energy, leaving it fresh for you.

So, now you’ve prepped your crystals, how can you use them in your home to get the most from them?

Firstly, why not begin at the place where you enter your home? We have a rose quartz crystal by my front door to encourage positive, loving energy to enter my home. It’s also great to keep a black crystal there too. Black crystals, for example, black onyx or tourmaline, absorb & help to repel negative energy. Keep that negativity out of your space!!!


We have an amethyst in our lounge because of it’s amazing calming properties, for the ultimate sanctuary where we like to relax & chill out. For this reason, you could place this stone in any room.

Your bathroom is also a great place to promote calm, self care & self love. So Rose Quartz is your best friend here. Rose quartz is your go to stone for self love, compassion, romance, calm & surrender. Physically, its also believed to help soothe skin, amongst other properties, so pop some of these beautiful pink stones in your bath water, and allow its energy to infuse into the water, therefore allowing you to soak up all that goodness. Clear quartz, known as the ‘master healer’ is also an amazing stone to do this with. The name ‘master healer’ says it all, I need say no more!!! To get a real loving space going in your bathroom, you can create what is known as ‘a grid’ around your bath or shower space. Place four crystal points in each corner with the point directed inwards. The pointed shape directs the energy in towards the space.

Talking of crystal points, you can do this in any room. Your bedroom is an ideal space to create a grid like this, or more specifically around your bed. Using a calming stone, such as amethyst, howlite or moonstone, place points of these at each corner of your bed, or under your bed, to promote better sleep. Rose quartz again can be used for, guess what, love!

Another crystal you can use is citrine in your office for abundance & helping creative ideas flow. Smokey quartz is also great for communication.

The key with crystals is to have a play around, see what works for you. Just like us, not one is the same, so explore them, move them around & most importantly enjoy them.

For more ideas, and for the ultimate guide to all things crystals, check out The Crystal Code by Tamara Driessen. I’ve just bought it & I’m obsessed already. I can't claim to be a crystal expert yet. The above information is mostly what I do within our home, but I personally gain so much from my crystals & I love them & what they can do for us. Please keep me posted on my Instagram page @mysanctuaryno8, with what you do with your crystals around your home, & if you have any questions please feel free to ask & I will do my best to assist, or point you in the right direction.

Lots of crystal infused love

Zara xxx

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